OFC          USDA

All Sanctum products underly the high standards of our certifier O.F.C. (Organic Food Chain) und USDA (U.S. Department for Agricultur

  • Ingredients must be 100% naturally derived
  • min. 70% of the ingredients must be certified organic
  • Water und minerals are NOT allowed to be certified organic. This prevents large amounta of Water.
  • Free from: Dioxins, Mineral Oils, Petrochemicals, Propylene Glycol, Diethanolamine (DEA), Phthalates, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Aluminium, etc.


The complete Sanctum line is certified vegan and proudly displays the international Vegan-Label of the Vegan Society.


Sanctum is a member of CCF - Choose Cruelty Free an independent organization that accredits products NOT tested on animals.


All carton packages we use are from recycled paper and can be recycled again. Additionally all tubes and tube caps are 100% biodegradable.

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