You are about to discover a skin care line that really delivers what it promises. This is the principle of the couple Greg and Jicky Milham, since the birth of Sanctum in 1992.

Now Sanctum has taken the next step to move from 100% Natural to Certified Organic which differentiates our products from the rest. Every Sanctum product contains more than 70% Certified Organic Ingredients and many products are more than 95% Certified Organic. Just as important is the effectiveness of the products that is why the ingredients are choosen carefully.

Sanctum stands for transparency, fairness and respect towards people, animals and the environment. It is also important to us that there is TRUTH WITHIN LABELING as many of our competitors state they are natural, organic or have organic ingredients  and after carefully scrutinizing their ingredient list they are not!

Indulge yourself in the pure and natural World of Sanctum!

The Sanctum Journey